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Committee on Constitutional and Legal...

Despite its size, the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters has a great relevance inside the Organization. Formally, it is composed of seven representatives, one per FAO region, and they serve as impartial professionals. In FAO Model 2015, the CCLM will be composed of the same number of representatives and its tasks are to assess […]

Committee on World Food Security

MUN Academy is very keen on presenting the first ever simulation of the Committee on World Food Security. This Committee was reformed in 2009 and is now the only Statutory Body of a United Nations agency accounting as Members – not Observers – representatives from the Civil Society and the Private Sector. Moreover, this highly […]

Conference of FAO

The Conference is regulated by Articles III and IV of the Constitution. Particularly, Article IV.3 states: The Conference may, by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast, make recommendations to Member Nations and Associate Members concerning questions relating to food and agriculture, for consideration by them with a view to implementation by national action. This […]

General Information

FAO Model is a very unique simulation of a very important specialised agency, within the meaning of Article 57 of the Charter, of the United Nations. As such, its sessions reflect this aspect and you will be immerged in a multifaceted environment that should encourage you to explore both the formal structure of FAO while […]

Message of the Team Manager

Dear Participants, It was March 2005 and I was one of the million exchange students through the Erasmus programme when, in my university foyer, I got attracted by a poster of the Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN), that read: «Have you ever dreamt to be a diplomat? Would you like to experience the real […]

Message of the Director-General

Dear Participants, I would like to welcome you to the first edition of FAO Model, the sole simulation of Governing and Statutory Bodies of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) worldwide. As it is the first edition, my team and I have had to undergo a great deal of research and […]